2009 Winner Best Oral Presentation: Mohammed AbuRub



Galway Neuroscience Research Day


CSI Small Lecture Theatre

Thursday 10th December 2009


Following on from last years ‘Dopamine: From Bench to Bedside’ workshop, Galway Neuroscience now present ‘The Galway Neuroscience Research Day’. This one-day workshop is a comprehensive overview of preclinical and clinical neuroscience research ongoing in Galway.


09:00      Tea / Coffee / Registration

09:15      Meeting Opening by Dr. Karen Doyle and Prof. John Kelly

09:30      Guest lecture


Imaging Drug Action in the Brain

Pharmacological-challenge fMRI in animals and man

Prof. Steve Williams, Chair of Imaging Sciences, University of Manchester




Theme: Pain (Chair: Dr. David Finn)

10:30      Orla Moriarty              The impact of pain on cognition

10:45      Weredeselam Olango  The role of the endocannabinoid system in fear-induced analgesia

11:00      Susie Kola                   Attention-based coping interventions during painful medical procedures

11:15      Miriam Raftery                        Epidemiological study of chronic pain in Ireland


Tea Break (11:30– 11:45)


Theme: Psychiatry (Chair: Prof. Colm M. Donald)

11:45      Heike Schmidt             Volumetric Changes Associated with Psychosis

12:00      Louise Emsell              White Matter Tracts in Bipolar Disorder

12:15      Abdenour Bounsiar     Classification of healthy versus Schizophrenic subjects using fMRI data

12:30      Camilla Langan            Serum Neurotrophic Factors in Bipolar Type-I Disorder       


Lunch (12:45 – 13:45)


Theme: MS and Neurotrophins (Chair: Dr. Karen Doyle)

13:45      Mary Flaherty              MS EAE model and glial cell culture-related

14:00      Laura Carleton             Novel NGF variants and their potential applications

14:15      Katarzyna Mnich         NGF as potential regulator factor of active caspase 3 turnover

14:30      Honorata Kraskiewicz ER stress in in vitro models of oligodendrocyte ischaemia


Tea Break (14:45– 15:15)


Theme: Neuroregeneration (Chair: Dr. Una Fitzgerald)

15:15      Mohammad AbuRub   Directed Axonal Growth to Promote Nerve Regeneration

15:45      Eleanor Donnelly        Effect of lentivectors expressing NT3&shRNA on injured spinal cord

16:00      Dr. Michelle Kilcoyne Glycosylation of the Spinal Cord

16:15      Li Yao                         Sciatic Nerve Repair with Multi-channelled Collagen Nerve Conduit


16:30      Discussion and Student Prize Presentation

16:45      Meeting Closing Remarks



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